The Risograph print process

The Risograph print process

Duplikat Press risograph printers

The Riso print process ūüĆą

A little while back I spent a few hours with the Estelle and Rich at Duplikat Press doing one of their open print sessions at their studio in Hackney. It gave me a chance to experience the Riso print process first hand and try to get to grips with all the ins and outs of this cool machine and produce these two prints. Here are a few things I learnt...

 ✨ A Risograph print is a type of printing technique that combines aspects of screen printing and photocopying. The machine uses a limited number of rice-based inks, which have a slightly translucent quality, resulting in a textured appearance with a retro vibe, reminiscent of old-school photocopies. Colours are printed one at a time and alingning the colours can be a challenge!

duplikat press risograph printer duplikat press risograph inks

¬†‚ú®¬†Riso printing is a Japanese inventions and dates back to the 1980s.¬†'Riso-Sha'¬†is Japanese for ‚Äėideal‚Äô -the founder¬†Noboru Hayama believed that¬†we must always pursue our ideals to ensure the future. Wise man.

✨ The printing method is highly energy efficient and sustainable, unmatched by other printing methods. The eco-friendly process consumes little energy, it prints with surplus rice bean oil and the stencils are made from plant fibres. Wow!

The result of my session at Duplikat are these two 3 colour riso prints in super vibrant neon pink, orange and bright blue.




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