Our planet-friendly pledge

My planet-friendly pledge

We are all responsible for our environmental footprint. Producing goods will always have an impact on our planet, however, here at Zedig Design my challenge is to make it as minimal as possible. This is how I do it:

All my products are made right here in the UK. This means the mileage my products have to travel decreases and in turn the fuel required, thus keeping our carbon footprint low.

My greeting cards are printed on FSC-certified and chlorine free card stock. As an alternative to the cellophane bag, they are packaged in plastic-free, biodegradable sleeves. These are manufactured in the UK from vegetable starch and are suitable for home composting and will degrade in landfill conditions - when you’re ready to recycle the packaging, simply pop it into your home compost bin.

My wooden products are printed on responsibly-sourced wood. Preserving our planet’s trees, woodlands and forests is imperative, which is why all the wood that I use comes from sustainable, responsibly managed woodlands. I use Maple wood, which is a fast-growing species of trees; these woods are removed at the rate of their growth, which means that the woodlands from which they originate will retain their supply and characters indefinitely.

My homeware products are made from a material called Jesmonite. Jesmonite is an eco-friendly casting material that is made up of two parts – a mineral powder and an acrylic liquid. It is water-based and non-toxic and produces durable products, which in turn promotes sustainability. Furthermore, I produce very little waste when creating the homewares, as every last drop of Jesmonite is used and re-used. For example, if a coaster breaks during the production process, I re-use all the material to create a new piece.

All my orders are sent out in eco-friendly packaging. My envelopes are made from a recycled, recyclable and biodegradable manilla material, which makes them the sustainable alternative to the common padded jiffy bag. I also reuse all packaging from our suppliers and sometimes even from our weekly shop! 

Reduce - reuse - recycle. We owe it to our planet.